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06.07.2011 Subotica got an ambassadorial team for investment promotion

The city of Subotica in cooperation with the National alliance for local economic development (NALED) got an "ambassadorial team” which will work on promoting the business climate and attracting investments.
Vice-president of NALED, Goran Jović said at the meeting in Belgrade that one ambassador or representative of embassies of European countries, will be in each team as well as from Israel, one successful businessman and a representative of the local self-government
- The role of ambassadors and businessmen is to help municipalities take advantage of what they have, demonstrate economic potential and connect with potential investors and business partners - said Jović.
Minister of foreign affairs Vuk Jeremić said that it is of great importance for Serbia to promote investments in municipalities with a good business surrounding.
- The role of the state as a key player in economic relations will remain even after the stabilization of the world economic crises and when we say the state we mean not only the central but also local government – said the minister.
Ambassador of Potugal, Luis de Almeida Sampajo said that creating a good business climate is the main challenge for Serbia.
- Without this, foreign investments cannot be attracted – emphasized the ambassador and added that the reform of the juridical system, fight against corruption and organized crime are crucial for securing a good business climate for investments in Subotica.
De Almeida Sampajo said that Portugal can help the municipality of Bujanovac, the team he is in, by transferring experiences in environmental protection and waste management and announced that in September, delegations of businessman from Portugal will visit Bujanovac.
Members of the ambassadorial teams are ambassadors of Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Israel and Slovakia, directors in companies "Vip mobile", "Ball packaging", "Tigar", "Asecco" and Hypo Alpe-Adria bank, as well as mayors of Pirot, Bujanovac, Subotica, Vranje and Leskovac.


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