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30.06.2011 Employment for 180 people from Subotica

A multinational company „Studio Moderna“, better known in public for the TV sales „Top shop", „Dormeo“ sleeping program and „Kosmodisk“, today, in hotel „Galleria“, opened a contemporary equipped call centre, where 180 people from Subotica, got employment.. The new call centre, first of this kind in middle Europe, which will service markets of Serbia and Hungary by symbolically answering the phone and awarding the first buyer, was opened by president of the AP Vojvodina government, Bojan Pajtić.
-’Studio Moderna’ is of great importance, not only for solving the existence of 180 families but also because its business start in Subotica sends out a signal to other investors all around Europe and the world that Vojvodina is a desirable destination for investments. We prove today that our multilingualism, which we so carefully keep, is not only a civilization fact we are proud of but also a developed potential, Bojan Pajtić pointed out.
Mayor of Subotica Saša Vučinić said that the most important thing for him is that 180 people got a job and the opportunity to accomplish their business career. The provincial government is included in the realization of the idea of the call centre from the beginning, with a clear support that this investment stays in Vojvodina, Vučinić said and added that he is happy that the Company „Studio Moderna", which employs over 5.000 people and conducts business in 23 countries in middle and eastern Europe, in the concurrence of several cities decided to invest in Subotica.
- I believe that, as a city, we have shown a remarkable speed and attentiveness which we demonstrate to all investors. I hope that this is the first phase of realization of this project and that soon we will have a new investment and new jobs, said Saša Vučinić.
Branimir Brkljač, director of the company „Studio Moderna“ said that the call centre in Subotica will service the markets of Serbia and Hungary and that it is the call centre opened the fastest in the system „Studio Moderna“.
With the efforts of our people in the company, but also with great support from the City of Subotica, AP Vojvodina government, and the Government Investment Fund of Vojvodina, 'Call Centre' has been opened in only 40 days. Even before the first phone rang, we got several calls from companies in Hungary that have heard of this initiative of ours and who would like to test the ability of Subotica and Vojvodina for similar models of investment, said Branimir Brkljač.

The company "Studio Moderna", for the successful operation and motivation at the new workplace, donated some of their products to all employees at the new "call center" in Subotica


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