Legal Framework

Agriculture and Food Processing Industry


•    Very good quality of products, based on existing technology of production
•    Developed processing industry in the region
•    Very suitable soil and climate
•    Experience and tradition
•    Prevailingly labour intensive activities cheap  labour force
•    Wide range of quality final products and brands
•    Strong market positions on local, regional and international markets
•    Good marketing, management and quality experts
•    Long tradition in certified organic food production

The agriculture is one of the main activities in the region. The number of inhabitants, in certain extent active with agriculture (some of them having other fields as main activities) is still evaluated to be over 20 %.

Agriculture and farms are in majority oriented towards husbandry (over 50%), while 24 % of farms are oriented towards cattle breeding, 7 % to fruit production, 9 % to production of vegetables and 4 % to grape and seed growing.
This sector still provides numerous varieties for further successful investment both in primary production and processing industry and especially in the field of organic food production

The reform of the agriculture sector conducted by Serbian Government is creating very favourable conditions for foreign investors.