Investment potentials
Business Incubator

As an instrument of support for local economic development, the BUSINESS INCUBATOR represents part of the infrastructure in supporting start-up businesses and the development and survival of newly established companies.

Business Incubator Subotica is located in the Industrial Zone of the Subotica Municipality at two locations within 500 meters distance, on an area of nearly 2000 square meters. Currently it has 13 residents.


Magnetna polja 6Subotica
Phone: +381 24 544 044
Fax: +381 24 580 777


The underlying aim of the Business Incubator is to provide a business environment for its residents which will help them to successfully overcome the first and the most critical phase in their development by providing  the necessary tools for growth like:
consulting services
production equipment
administrative services
technical support
preferential rental prices for business premises.


Newly formed companies should not be older than 1 year.
The company should be owned by a domestic resident.
The candidate should have an industrial business profile either in production or in providing services.
A natural subject is obliged to register a company within 3 months after moving in the Business Incubator

Calls for applications for the residential status are published permanently, and the assessment of the received applications is made quarterly  by the Assembly of the Business Incubator.

Female fashion design, standard fashion design and fashion consulting
Service and retail of  ATB SEVER products 
Construction of billboards, neon signs and printing services
Design and manufacturing of office and household furniture
Industrial automation,  regulation and management services
Production of PE foils, bags, sacks, freezer bags and consumer bags
Production of chocolate products with active ballast matters, based on a patented technological process
Production of high-quality male socks, representation of Aloma and Neetex-Korea, the manufacturers of machines and needles for socks-making
Production, innovation and service of welding devices with special emphasis on inverter technologies