Invest in Subotica
Public and public utility sector

Subotica ... a town with strong  and organized public utility sector

There are 12 different public utility companies that manage maintenance and development of the communal infrastructure important for town life. Areas of their activities are: water supply: waste water; solid waste management; gas supply; heating: lighting; road construction and maintenance; parks, green fields, urban equipments and playground construction and maintenance; management and maintenance of public parking, markets and sport facilities; urban planning and development.

According to republic and municipal legislation all individuals and legal entities are obligated to ensure rational utilization of natural resources and environment. There are specialized municipal and republic institutions for the management and protection of the natural environment.

Municipal region with public utility companies has been undertaking major investments in the last five years in development of communal and energy infrastructure especially in:

  • Reconstruction and construction of new waste water treatment plant with EBRD and EAR
  • Reconstruction and construction of heating distribution system with EAR
  • Construction of gas distribution system
  • Reconstruction and construction of roads and streets network
  • Development of IT and GIS network for administrative municipal needs
  • Construction of the tourist information centre and revitalization of the main tourism object on Palić.