Investirajte u Subotici
10 + 1 reasons for investment

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Easy access to 160 million consumer market


• free trade agreement with croatia, bosnia and herzegovina, romania, bulgaria, macedonia, albania and moldova – a 65 million consumers’ market
• free trade agreement with russian federation – a 140 million consumers’ market




Perfect strategic location for business development


•  pan european corridor 10
•  two international border-crossings
•  “gate of Europe, doorstep of balkan”




VAT 10 to 20%, profit tax 15% - lowest in europe




Efficient and business friendly administration




Special discounts for investors




Free zone and logistic center






2.400 ha of commercial areas in general plan




Well trained, hardworking and easy to come by labour




Great tourist recognition




Potential for education and science institutions




Friendly and cheerful people and perfect atmosphere for living,
entertainment and relaxation