Economic & Technological Parks Subotica
About us



The Public Enterprise “Economic & Technological Parks Subotica” is established by the City Assembly of Subotica on 18.01.2010. with the purpose to develop, to advance and to secure sustainable execution of the following tasks:

·         Management of construction land in state-ownership with the right for exploitation or in city-ownership, which are in the business zones intended for production, economic or commercial functions, determined by the General Plan Subotica-Palić 2020. and by the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Subotica
·        Installation and maintenance of communal infrastructure in the work and business zones managed by the Enterprise
·        Render of general and specialized assistance for the users of economic parks
By realizing foreign and domestic investments the following are achieved:
  • Employment
  • Decrease of unemployment rate 
  • Social balance 
  • Increase of income of the City’s budget having a direct affect on the quantity and quality of public services 
  • Engagement of other sectors of economy for the needs of investors – developing small and medium enterprises 
  • Increase of export 
  • Introduction and adoption of new technologies and procedures 
  • Raise of living standards and the wealth of the community



Name Public Enterprise "Economic & Technological Parks Subotica"
Abbreviation: PE “ETP Subotica“
Address Park Rajhla Ferenca 1 / II  ;  24000 Subotica
Account number 840-750641-60
Tax number 106505901