About Subotica

Subotica has a long tradition in sport. It is interesting that the Palić Sport Games were established in 1880, even before than the modern Olympic movement had been re-established by Pierre de Coubertin.

Since that time, Subotica enjoys a nickname -“Town of Sports”. Today there are 120 registered sport clubs and teams. Due to the numerous possibilities for development and the existing capacities – sports halls and open fields, Subotica is one of the five most important sport centres in Serbia.

National sport team, mainly football, benefits the most from Palić's surroundings and uses it in their preparation for big international competitions.

Beside the professional and amateur sports, there are many opportunities for recreation. Beautiful nature and plenty of sport facilities can offer a variety of possibilities: tennis, horse riding, jogging, squash, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, fishing, hunting and many others.

The local management has started the construction of a new, modern, covered pool.  Estimated cost for the completion of this project is about 7 million Euros. There are possibilities for joint investments in this object and the construction of commercial content in the surrounding area