About Subotica

Subotica has a long tradition in education. With the lowest number of illiterate people in Serbia, it has a great number of very skilful labour force and educated management which became  Subotica's well known trade mark.  This potential is based on a large number of secondary schools, colleges and faculties. It is important to mention that all primary and secondary education is provided in Serbian, Hungarian and Croatian language and in several colleges and faculties as well.

Secondary Schools
1 Chemical And Technology Secondary School “Lazar Nešić”
2. Medical Secondary School
3. Music Secondary School
4. Technical Secondary School
5. Economics Secondary School “Bosa Milićević”
6. Polytechnic Secondary School
7. Grammar School “Svetozar Marković"
8. Language grammar school for talented “Kosztolányi Dezső”
9. Secondary School For Deaf And Dumb Persons
10. Elementary and secondary school for children with slow development  “Žarko Zrenjanin”
11. Paulinum



Colleges and Faculties
1. Teachers Faculty – Department
2. Higher School For Education Of Pedagogy
3. Civil Engineering Faculty
4. Higher Technical School (Mechanical, Computer Science and  Electrical departments)
5. Faculty Of Economics
6. Faculty Of Tourism and Hospitality
7. Faculty Of Business Law
8. Faculty Of  Financial Management and Insurance
9. Faculty of Information Management
10. Faculty of Service Management

  The Open University of Subotica provides numerous courses and trainings  concerning informal education and there are about 20 other institutions regarding this matter as well.