About Subotica

Subotica ... a town of culture, education and sport

In less than two decades at the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th Subotica was a witness to an incredible boom of urbanization, industry, and construction. It was the architects who created the new image of the town leaving a specific imprint of secession on its face. The two architects, Komor and Jakab, left a permanent impression on the architecture of the city, inspired by Art Nouveau.

Palic Open Theatre and Council Chamber

From that period, Subotica and Palić have embellished buildings with lore and folklore, motif ornaments, wrought iron, colors and ceramics. Cultural life has been always rich, as it is today, with a theatre which is now in construction, a philharmonic, many galleries, painter colonies and a library as well as some artist groups.

This has a special impact on creating many cultural events such as the Festival of European Movies, International Children Theater Festival, Inter-ethno Festival, Dužijanca – traditional harvesting festival and the Vintage festival. 



Municipal Assembly of Subotica is getting ready for the reconstruction of the Town Theatre building, which has been built in 1854. The through reconstruction involves the construction of a new theatre hall and support structures which will have to satisfy the needs of this cultural institution.  The project documentation is finished, and the local management is ready for talks on the subject of partnership with all interested in the realization of this project. The total value of the investment in the reconstruction of the Town Theatre building is estimated at about 24 million Euros.